Driveway Cleaning

Sooner or later it seems that every car will leak a little bit of oil over time. This is not normally a big deal but the stains that it leaves on the driveway can build up over time and look bad. A clean driveway is one of the curb appeal things that add to the overall look of your home and a stained up driveway can make things look bad. So just how do you get rid of these stains that seems to sit there year after year? Well, there are a few different methods to remove stains from your driveway and it has to do with how your drive way is constructed.

Most driveways are either asphalt or regular cement that has not been sealed. Both of these types of surfaces are very porous and can soak up and retain all kinds of stuff that can cause a lasting stain. Since they are porous, simply wiping out the stain will not work. Since this is the case, a different approach must be used. Let’s take a look at a few different driveway cleaning methods and see if one of them will work for you.

Kitty Litter – Cheap kitty litter can go a long ways to pulling the worst of a stain up and off a surface. Its basic design is to soak up any moisture and retain it. Get some cheap, non-clumping, kitty litter and spread on the stain and let it sit for a day or two (without any rain if possible), and then sweep it up. This will take out the worst of the stain but will not completely get it out.

Gasoline, WD-40, Carburetor Cleaner, ETC – These fluids can clean up some of the stains in your driveway but at a price. They are not environmentally friendly to say the least and they can also be harmful to the asphalt and the cement. The idea is to spray it on the stain and then cover the stain with a trash bag to keep it from evaporating for some time and then hose it off. I have seen this in use and it doesn’t really work all that great so it’s not recommended.

Pressure Washing Your Driveway – This can be a great way to clean out the porous surface of the cement and asphalt driveways. This style will need to be used with a pre-soaker to bust the stain loose from the surface so it can be sprayed off. You need to be careful using this method as high pressure can strip off parts of the surface. This method can work great as a final rinse after pre-treating a stain.

Pre-Treating and Soaking the Stain – This can actually get your driveway looking great. The idea is to make a soapy past that will sit on the stain and work it loose from the cement and then you will be able to rinse off the stain after some time. Let’s take a look at a few different mixtures and driveway cleaning chemicals.

Ultra Dawn Dish Soap – Get a bottle of Dawn Dish soap and pour it strait onto the stain and smear it around so it covers the stain completely. Let it sit for a bit and scrub it in with a good scrub brush and let it sit again for a bit and then rinse it off.

Mean Green Cleaner – Use the same method as the Dawn detergent soap as it is another degreaser that can give you pretty good results.

Microbe Based Cleaners – These cleaners have little microbes in them that actually eat the oil particles and convert them into something else. Look for a product called eXIMO.

Mix a Cleaning Paste – You can mix powdered laundry detergent like Tide with enough water to make a past. Scrub the past onto the stain and let it sit for a few house and spray it off.

Hopefully one of these driveway cleaning solutions will work for you and get rid of that ugly stain in front of your home.


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